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Travel to Costa Rica: year-round summer, unique flora and fauna

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Costa Rica is a country in Central America, covered with tropical forests and washed by the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.

Summer all year round

Perhaps everyone who has been to this country will agree that Costa Rica is the greenest country in the world. While still on the plane, you can see from above how colorful and impressive this country is with its landscapes.


The nature in Costa Rica cannot be compared with any other country. Unique flora and fauna are concentrated here. Just being on the balcony, you can easily hear and see a wide variety of birds and even parrots, which can usually only be found in zoos or specialty stores. What happens here in the early morning is difficult to describe in words. This variety of voices of different species of birds conquers, perhaps, even those who like to sleep a little longer, as you can feel like in the wild. It’s like a musical orchestra without a conductor. While on vacation or living in a mountainous area (and it prevails here), you can also see very brave animals who come to the house and ask for food. I happened to meet two raccoons who were clearly willing to do anything for food. They cause a lot of positive emotions! But, despite the fact that these animals look very cute and harmless, you need to be careful with them, as they can be dangerous. Be careful, especially if you are traveling with small children.


In this area, it will also not be difficult to meet crocodiles just in the river under the bridge, on which many cars pass every day. Take 5 minutes to stop and watch them. Where else can it be so easy to see these animals just in the wild and for free?!


The beaches of Costa Rica are like a separate world that you fall in love with at first sight. At the moment I have been to several beaches in the Pacific Ocean. To say that I liked him is to say nothing. The Pacific Ocean conquered me! So dangerous, so powerful and yet so beautiful. Each species impresses with its unique beauty, especially in the evening. The combination of ocean and mountains gives rise to incomparable sunsets. Being on the coast, you want not to miss a single evening and enjoy every sunset without exception. Indeed, at these moments it seems that life is happening right here and now, and it is certainly beautiful. You begin to appreciate her even more than before.


Come to Costa Rica and enjoy this beautiful country!

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